So today we have a bit of a world exclusive on "Who is She" (or is that going a bit far?? Meh I'm sticking with it), yesterday I attended a Benefit event in Leeds and we were given a sneak preview of Benefit's new range of lip glosses which match their cheek products. I'm going to do a separate post on the event and their Mascarathon campaign however as the good blogger which I am, I'm taking it upon myself to be the enabler and to let you know all about these new fabulous lip glosses

Personally I'm a massive fan of their Coralista blush and have used their Dandelion blush before so these were the products I initially went for to swatch and I was shocked as to how similar the colours are to their blush counterpart. Obviously as you can see each lip gloss packaging is identical to the blush which I think easily identifies the product without having to see the name. 

As each of the bloggers received were lucky to recieve one of these glosses I was so happy to see that I had recieved Coralista*- the one I was most interested to colour compare. If you compare the tube to the powder the lipgloss looks slightly darker. But side by side they look very similar. 

The Coralista lip gloss is one of those your lips but better shades and will work well whatever your colouring. If you are already familiar with Benefit lipglosses (I love life on the A list) this new range has the same scent, but what sets these apart is that they arent sticky. My hair is attracted to lip glosses and this didn't get masses of red hair stuck in it. The product glides onto your lips and feels smooth, almost like a balm on the lips which is a major thumbs up for me and for those who hate sticky lip glosses. 

You have to admit its a brilliant match!!

I think it was mentioned that these lip glosses will be retailing for about £13 each for 15ml of product and considering you only need a tiny amount this is brilliant value for money. I'm 99.9% sure its all their boxed powders which are going to be glosses- I saw Dallas, Sugarbomb, Bella Bamba and Hoola (I think). Trust me you need these in your life.