Sorry for the absence over the last few days, but work has well and truely wiped me out however as I've been busy and the days have flown over I'm not complaining. Anyway I managed to just about stick to my post every day in May challenge, to fail on the last day haha. I'd done my wishlist last Saturday ready to be wrote up, however there has been a slight amendment after seeing one of the items at the Metro Centre on Sunday.

This what I want-

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation (NW25), RayBan Jeffrey Shades, Flower Print Shorts £22.99 Zara (link), Galaxy Print Dip Hem Vest £6 Primark, Printed Top £29.99 Zara (link).

I'm in love with the sample of Studio Sculpt which I have just about used up and I'm going to do a review on it for you, as its lasted a good 4 full face applications. I'm in Leeds next Thursday (anyone going to the Benefit event) and I may pick it up from Harvey Nics. I will be doing a review on this soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Last Friday marked a very sad day if you follow me on Instagram (@RayWhoisShe), as I'd discovered my RayBan Wayfarers have broke- my finger is pointed at my brother as they were hidden at the back of my cupboard (out of the road so they wouldn't get broken) and I know he has had his eyes on them for a while. However every cloud and all that jazz, I initally wanted the Jeffrey shades, however I've now want the RB4147 model instead which are huge. I'm hoping Harvey Nics have them in so I can try them on for sizing. Buying some new shades is my priority this month.

Floral shorts and printed top (both Zara), I am in love with the floral shorts and think they'll be a fab addition to my summer wardrobe, however I saw the printed top on Sunday and I have never seen a more hideous top in all my life- so that has been disowned off my list. The Primark galaxy print tee was spotted on Pr Shots and for £6 you can't be robbed.

However the ammendment to my wishlist is this BEAUTIFUL tee dress from Primark- we'll just gloss over the price and pretend it doesn't exist, but I will be purchasing it. IT WILL BE MINE.
All Saints Pipali Tee Dress £85 (link)

Right I've got (not so) BabyJEMs FIRST birthday party (where has the time gone) this afternoon after a cheeky Nandos and shopping trip with Tor.

Enjoy the long weekend lovelies