If you are from the North East and I said to you “what’s your favourite type of tea”, I can guarantee that the majority of you will answer with “Ringtons”. I know this post is a bit different to what you normally see on here, however I can always make an exception to when it comes to Ringtons. Seriously Ringtons cures everything- from a bad day at work, a broken heart and also the mother of all hangovers, and which makes Ringtons even better is the fact that you can get it delivered direct to your front door.
Fitting in very nicely with all things British aka the Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics- Ringtons have recently released a new type of tea called “Victory Tea”*. However they've put a fashion spin on it and quite frankly you have the best kind of tea ever, or as Sarah (creator extrodinare) calls it the “Primarni of the tea world”- it’s a designer tea bag without the designer cost. Victory Tea is known as Blend no 1, meaning that its the best (aka number 1) black tea which you can drink either black or with milk.
Seriously how uber-cool is the packaging
I received a trial pack of these and I thought the best way for me to try this out would be with my fellow work colleagues in my office on the sly and see if they noticed the difference in what they were drinking. It’s worth nothing that in our office a large 480 bag of tea lasts us about a month, that’s how bad our tea habit is. After making the brew I sat down and noted how three out of the four clicked on straight away that they were drinking Ringtons tea. It’s hard to explain but if you are familiar with Ringtons you can instantly tell that you’re drinking it.

The three degrees of Victory Tea- its a bit like a paint chart getting the right shade of tea..
Now I know that sometimes the price of Ringtons does put people off, however Victory Tea has noted this and to keep costs down and to get better value for money Victory Tea is available in larger quantities which you can order direct from their rather patriotic website. I know some people may say that tea is tea and it all tastes the same, but seriously once you’ve tried any tea from the Ringtons brand you will become as the guys at work call it “a tea snob”.

Victory Tea retails for £5 for a box of 80 and £16 for an 640 box direct from their website. Also you need to check out their cuppa calculator on their site too. Ringtons tea is avaliable from most major supermarkets and if your from the North East you can buy direct from Fenwicks Food Hall in Newcastle as well as from their door to door service.