Sometimes have you noticed while reading blogs you wonder if people actually look like that all the time, well as you can see from the above photos I am in desperate need of my hair colouring and I look like a sweaty clip when I come from the gym. Here is me how you normally will find me after a long day at work followed by a gym session- au naturel. Last week was the first week this year I didn't go to the gym and it officially marks me breaking my "going to the gym at least once a week" NY resolution. So this is my typical gym apparel while I attempt to flex my guns- there's no point in me posting a half decent picture of me cause to be honest I look a clip so have one of me taking the mick.

Normally my gym attire consists of pairs of these extra long high waisted leggings from Topshop, paired with somesort of long vest with an old Topshop vest underneath. The top in this picture is from Lauren Moshi which I bought from Spoiled Brat years ago- you may be familiar with Lauren Moshi as those are the printed vest which Lauren Conrad used to sport in her "Hills" days. Obviously gym appropriate shoes are vital when your at the gym, and I have recently gotten these Nike running shoes. As you can see there is no missing me in the dark in those bad boys, and since wearing them, I can totally see why you should always wear proper trainers in the gym. These trainers always come in handy post night out if I'm being picked up as I always change into these in the car to run into the garage for post night out munchies.

I've also shown you my must have gym items to keep me amused while I'm on the cross trainer/bikes/steppers- my Kindle (currently reading Catching Fire), my iPod, water and then some sort of fashion magazine to read while I'm on the sitting down bikes (as I call them), oh and not forgetting my weekly catch up with Laura (go check out her blog).