Did you know that one in four women will be effected by domestic violence at some point in their life?
Quite shocking isn't it..

Domestic violence is more common that you think, and many may turn a blind eye to it. However its time to raise awareness- you may be aware of Benefit's amazing Mascarathon which has to date raised over £7000 for Refuge.

Lauren Luke is working alongside Refuge to help raise awareness and has posted this thought provoking video- its less than 2 minutes long but please watch it.

Refuge state that- "Hiding the physical effects of domestic violence is just one of the ways a woman might try to cover up what her partner has done to her. She may also withdraw from seeing her family and friends and become isolated, afraid to tell anyone what she’s going through. The emotional and psychological effects of domestic violence are undetectable to the naked eye – but this type of abuse is equally, if not more, damaging. Lauren’s cuts, bruises and fear are fictitious. But for thousands of women this is the reality of their everyday lives".

If you know anyone or is suffering from domestic violence yourself SPEAK UP- tell a friend, family member or speak to someone from Refuge.

You can still donate to Mascarathon via texting BENE02 (and your amount) to 70070
Further information can be found on www.refuge.org.uk/lauren