I know I say this every month but I can't believe where this year has gone too. Anyway onto June's favourites- June has been a bit of a funny month for me- I've embarked on a major sort-my-nails-out mission and really haven't been loving that much of my make up. I think its purely down to being shattered from work. Anyway I promise to make more of an effort for July.

Opi Nail Envy (Matte)- I'm onto week three of the Nail Envy treatment, and my nails have improved although I have chopped them all back off again. I'm going to do a more detailed post once the 4 weeks is up and i'll explain why my nails have been chopped right off. I actually prefer this to the Mavala Scientique (shock horror).

Opi Avoplex- review can be found here. Really love using this- I've been neglecting using it during the day so I've been using lots on a night. A teeny bit goes a very long way.

Essie Sand Tropez- oh how much I love this polish- its definately one of my all time favourite polishes. Review here.

Botanics Gentle Eye Make Up Remover- I saw this on Gem's skincare routine video and picked up a bottle in Boots. Really impressed by how quickly it removes layer upon layer of eye make up, however I don't like the greasy feeling on my skin afterwards. However for just over £3 you can't be robbed. Review will be coming shortly.

St Tropez Dark Mousse- yet again another review to come on this. Really love this especially on my legs for nights out. I would say one coat of this is about 1.5-2 coats of normal St Tropez. However a word of warning when you put it on- it looks black and like you've been rolling around in dirt. I wouldn't pay £30+ for this- check ebay- I got mine for £16.

Mac Something Special Blush- I bought this in Leeds when I was at a Benefit event, and if you don't have this in your blusher collection buy it. Its like a your cheeks but better shade. Review to come.

17 Skin Perfecting Foundation- I found this in my local Boots for £1 and this is the foundation I wear during the day when I'm not at work. I've got the colour fair and I think this equates to NW20 in Mac. I get a good 6 hours wear from this before my nose gets a bit shiny. Shame its been discontinued.