General Life Update-
Apologies for the absence in posting properly over the last week everything had finally caught up with me and I've been in bed ill with a severe throat infection which has now resulted in a sexy cough/bark and I've just about lost my voice, then having an unexpected conversation and feeling like you're 22 again has completely thrown me :( So basically in a nut shell just been one of those weeks (woe is me and all that jazz), however on a positive note its three weeks today until the #LeedsBloggerMeetUp2012.

Back to the point of the post-
If you recall the hairdresser incident which resulted in my lovely long hair being abused by a pair of scissors and layers ahoy being cut in, I'm on a mission to get my hair to grow at least an inch so the layers are more manageable and I can style my hair better (massive hair and leopard print friday  at work, isn't good if your missing the massive hair part). Personally I've never been a massive fan of Lee Stafford Shampoos and Conditioners- they just don't work for me, however after reading so many brilliant reviews of the hair treatment I knew I had to get my hands on this asap.

Obviously you will be aware that my lovely red hair isn't natural and that with freshly dyed red hair sleeping with wet hair isn't an option or it looks like you've murdered someone during the night so for the first 3 weeks I have to dry my hair everytime I wash it. Anyway I've been using this treatment everytime I've washed my hair bar nights out and after using this for a good 5 weeks I have to say my hair is much healther (even though I've been using slightly more heat than usual) and has grown slightly faster than usual.

I use about two 50p sizes and work it right though my hair and leave it on for about 3-5 mins (or how long it takes me to do my other bits and bobs- mind out of the gutter please), rinse and then condition the ends of my hair only. Oh and another thing- the conditioner smells like Alien perfume... lush lush lush.

Would I recommend this? If your wanting your hair to grow, but not expecting inches overnight then yes, however I think laying off heat will also help your hair grow. The Treatment is avaliable from Boots for £7.99 but is normally on 3 for 2 offers so stock up while you can.