So some good news to start this wishlist off with- I have gotten a new job in another team in HR, I am now an Operations bitch (BOOM). Its only for a few months, but its back on my old salary so that means everything which I mentioned below will be getting bought this month (along with something else I promised myself if I got the job but I'm keeping that hush)... why?? Because I bloody well deserve it!!

Converse High Tops- I am completely and utterly obsessed with trainers at the moment and these are my current shoe of choice. However I really want a pair of hightops to wear with dresses when the weather decides to be decent for more than an hour at a time. Plus I could always stud them... now that is a thought.

Topshop Studded Leather Jacket- If money was no object I would buy the All Saints studded jacket, however I really can't fork out £349 for a jacket. However I've spied this little beauty on the Topshop website for £65. Now I actually think this is bloody cheap for Topshop, so fingers crossed Newcastle will have it in stock on Thursday. I just think this would be fab to wear during the day.

All Saints Nine Lives Vest- I love All Saints graphic tops- completely and utterly obsessed with the designs and I ADORE their fabric. This can easily be dressed up or down, and it is screaming out to be added to my wardrobe.

Clairns Toner- I really want to try some Clarins products and I've heard rave reviews about their Toners, so I definately want to pick one up in Boots. I've noticed on the Boots website they have a full size toner and cleanser on offer for £17, hopefully this offer is in store also as I'll definately be picking up one of these duos. If you swear by a particular Clarins product let me know.

Asos T-Shirt Dress- reduced in the sale, however I think it may be ever so slightly too short for me at the front to be worn as a dress. However there is only one way to find out... buy the bugger.

Anyone fancy a Nandos?? I'm clamming for one