Hello my name is Ray and I am addicted to Converse.

Over the last few months I've managed to collect quite a few pairs of Converse, it always used to baffle me when someone would go out and buy the same shoe in every single colour. However now I can completely understand why- there's something effortlessly cool about wearing a pair of Converse as well as being the most comfortable pairs of trainers ever. Throw on a blazer, vest and jeans, but then throw on some Converse- it takes it to a new level. Leggings, a vest and a pair- easy yet stylish look to dash to the supermarket for the post-hangover munchies. Then there's blokes- nice jeans, a tee, wayfarers, and some Converse- the blokes got swag, and my undivided attention. Honestly the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling an outfit around your Converse.

Plus you want to know the best thing about them... celebrities can't get enough of them neither..

If they're good enough for Mary-Kate, Nicole and Blake, they're good enough for me!!

How do you style your Converse?? Link me up to any posts you've done.