That age old dilema for women- are you a bag or shoes kinda girl? For me its about the handbags, well the designer handbags anyway. I have too many Louis Vuitton bags, and then we have my two small children... aka my Chanel bags, and as I'm not going on holiday this year I thought the money I'd been saving should go towards a new handbag. This will be my last handbag for a very long time as on Monday I've been to view a potential house, which soon will require me to use all my savings on the deposit after I've seen the style of house empty so I can truely see what the sizing is like and once the plot becomes avaliable.

Then I have the dilema of do I get a bag whats in fashion now (Paul & Joe and Missoni), or do I get a modern take on a classic (Moschino or nude Vivienne Westwood), or do I go traditional classic (McQ or black Vivienne Westwood). For a handbag to last many years to come, I think I need to go black/navy or a brown, then I know I'm not going to ruin it. Now then do I buy a bag to use for during the day, or just for evenings, or one I can use for both (like my Chanel bags).

I think the easy way to solve this dilema is to win the lottery and then buy them all? Right I'm off to purchase a Euromillions ticket.