Shorts- Zara
Shoes- Topshop (last season)
Chiffon Shirt- American Apparel
Bag- Chanel XL Jumbo
Bracelet- Topshop (not seen)

I finally managed to get my hands on the Zara silk scarf print shorts thanks to my lovely Scottish Sister from another Mister Jenna. After a shitty morning at work last Monday, I come back from my lunch to a tweet and a picture from her of the shorts. By the Wednesday these beauts were mine. I'm feeling like I need to start stepping out of my comfort zone for nights out and instead of worrying I look a clip, I should just wear what I want.

This is the second time I've ordered the American Apparel Chiffon Shirt, the first time I'd ordered from Asos and then returned it as I wasn't too keen, yet then I knew I had to get it to go with the shorts. I wanted the shorts to be the main focus so everything else had to be toned down. I bought this direct from the AA website and paid £39 with a discount code- like all items of AA clothing the quality is spot on.  A word of warning with the shorts- they do rise up so I won't lie whilst taking a cheeky short cut through a car park my bum cheeks were on show- luckily I didn't manage to scare any of the locals.

The shorts feel/look expensive and I don't think I could wear these during the day as they're too dressy if that makes sense? Really loving the scarf/rope print trend which is going on at the moment- keep checking back as next week I've got an outfit post featuring my favourite boat Laura who's wearing a similiar print dress. Still suffering from the dreaded throat infection and keep going hot and cold, my bed is calling...