For as long as I can remember there have always been two items on my wishlist of things to own- a Chanel Bag and a Cartier Love Bracelet. I managed to achieve owning a Chanel bag (well twice over) however I never got around to owning the Cartier Love Bracelet. As the prices for the bracelet start at £4500 in all honestly that amount of money could pay for a house deposit or a car however if you are familiar with Victoria's blog VIPXO you will know that every Sunday she posts a eBay Designer Inspired post and finds items on ebay which you request. Now I'd already asked before about the Love bracelets however thats the one item she's never been able to find at a reasonable price... until a few weeks ago.
I'm not going to lie as soon as she tweeted that she'd found a link to an ebay seller for the bracelets I'd been stalking her twitter for the link- I was that desperate to have one. I'm deliberately not posting the eBay link on here to the seller which I bought it from, instead I'm posting back to Victoria's post as all credit goes to her.
I paid just over £22 for my bracelet and it look just over 2 and a half weeks to come, which to me is brilliant value. Honestly the quality of this bracelet is brilliant, you can't tell its a dupe. The bracelet comes in gold, silver and rose gold with the option of added diamonds, I chose the rose gold as the gold looks too yellow in my opinion and without the diamonds. After you've paid for the item you need to private message them and say what colour you want- the customer service is excellent and they keep you updated on where your package is.
Currently it appears the seller only has 4 left as I may have purchased another rose gold one as a back up. Massive thank you to Victoria for finding the seller, and remember as The Beatles sang...

all you need is love