I'm not a beauty blogger, nor have the ability to apply my own make up half decently and truth be told trying to write a foundation review bloody well confuses me (trust me it doesn't take a lot). Anyway Benefit have finally launched their first liquid foundation- Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (HFOW for short) and when I attended the Middlebrough Brow Bar Launch with Tor I had the chance to be matched up and test the product on my skin before buying. Normally when tanned I'm a NW25 and without tan NW20 and as I was between tans I was matched up to Champagne, which to be honest is a bit too yellow toned for my skin.

The foundation itself is light-medium coverage and can be built up depending on how you prefer your coverage. Normally to make this work on my skin I use this as a light foundation when my fake tan is wearing off. What I like about foundation matching with Benefit is the fact that they put two similiar shades onto your skin and ask you to pick what you prefer- they won't tell you. As the foundation contains SPF 25 you know that whilst wearing it your skin is being protected, also if like me you are prone to dry skin on your face this foundation will help hydrate the skin making it look flawless.

A word of warning the foundation is very runny and I would recommend using small pumps of the product to prevent wastage. With all foundations I apply this using my Real Techiques Stippling Brush and I find this the easiest way of working it into the skin. As you can see on the bottom picture I've managed to take swatches on a day when my skin tone has been right and its blended right in. I paid £24.50 for 30mls, which is a little bit on the pricey side, however as a little goes a long way, it does turn out to be good value for money.