If you read yesterdays post you will remember (or now you know) that I’m currently going through a massive skincare obsession in a vain attempt to prevent me from looking my age (27). While attending the Benefit Brow Bar Opening in Middlesbrough in April time, I was introduced to their skincare range. Now with the majority of skin care you have multiple products for different skin types, which can be very costly- with the Benefit skincare range there is only one type of product which can be used on any skin type. This is a brilliant concept if your skin type varies throughout the year- you’re not wasting money on products.
I’m already a massive fan of Benefit’s Refined Finish Facial Scrub (review here) and I received a sample size of their Total Moisture Facial Cream which I have recently started to use and I’ve already put an order in with the Parents to buy me a full size version of this from duty free. I normally use this on a night before bed and a pea sized amount is more than enough, so my little sample size is really lasting. Personally I find that this absorbs straight into my skin and leaves no residue the next morning, which I find with some creams. If I’ve had a particularly heavy night on the pop, I always lather my face with this the morning after to rehydrate my skin after I cleanse and tone.
A full sized jar of this retails for £26.50 on the Benefit website which may seem expensive, however due to the little amount which you need, it will last a while. Plus considering the company which have created this skincare range are the same people who work for Crème de la Mer- it’s a steal. Now I know for some the price of these products may be off putting, however the little geniuses that are Benefit have created a sample set of their skin range for £10 which allows you to test the entire range without having to pay for full sized products. I can never get hold of the set at my local Benefit counter, however it is available on Asos.
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