If you are a regular reader of the blog or know me in real life, you will know I am as blind as a bat and need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Now and again I wear my glasses on outfit photos on here (RayBan wayfarers) and they're quite large, or as Ben at work calls them my safety goggles. Personally I find that my current glasses aren't big enough, if you tried them on they would probably be quite large on you, but I think I have a massive head so I struggle to find very oversized glasses.

Firmoo is a brand which isn't that well known in the UK, however its an online glasses site which provide high quality glasses at a fraction of a price. I was contacted to see if I would like to review a pair for the blog and due to how inexpensive the items are I think this is a fab way to test out new styles of glasses without having to pay a fortune. The glasses I picked are the largest sized wayfarers on the site and trust me they are exactly what I havebeen looking for in a pair of glasses. The glasses cost including frames (are you ready for this) $8, yes $8. You have the option of buying the frames as they are to wear as purely a fashion accessory or you can get your prescription put in. Mine are prescription glasses.

If you follow me on Instagram (@RayWhoisShe) you can see a picture of me on there wearing them- I'm not posting the picture on here as it looks like I'm topless as I've just fake tanned however I can assure you that I am wearing a bandeau top but I don't feel that its appropriate to post on here.

Firmoo are currently offering all first time buyers the opportunity to get their first pair of glasses from the site for free, all what you need to do is pay the shipping. Firmoo ship worldwide and this offer is open to anyone- further details can be found here.

My experience with Firmoo has been brilliant and their customer service can't be faulted. I'm debating whether to buy a smaller pair of wayfarers to keep in my handbag, however for the price I think I would be a fool not too.