Maxi Dress- H&M, Jumper- Topshop, Converse- Spartoo, Necklace- Primark, ignore the cheesey grin, its the best picture out of a bad bunch.

As I write this post I am sat with a hot water bottle on my lap, furry slipper socks on, and fleecy pjs- I am freezing!! And to think its August?? I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment when it comes to appropriate dressing for this awol weather- I either wear too little and I'm freezing all day, or wear too many layers and I'm sweltering. There's no winning. As I've been off work yesterday and today I'm dressing for all occasions.
This was my outfit of choice yesterday for when I nipped to the supermarket for essentials (by that I mean junk food)- a jersey maxi dress in case the sun comes out, and then this slouchy jumper which I got in the sale from Topshop over the top if its chilly. When it comes to what shoes I should wear on my feet when the weather is like this its a no win battle, it has to be trainers. Lately I've been having a massive love in with my navy Converse, my white ones have been neglected for these. I threw in this bargain £1 necklace from Primark to jazz the outfit up a bit.
I have to admit when I left the house it was grey and cold, and then by the time I fought my way through Tescos (why is it everytime you go its always full of cranks) and got back to the car, its was sunny and warm, so off came the jumper. See the best of both worlds.

How are you currently dressing considering its supposed to be Summer??