Havaianas Slim.
Its a known in joke with my friends and family that my dearly beloved Car Charles is basically an extension of my wardrobe but on wheels, in the boot you will find various items of clothing and numerous pairs of shoes. Regardless of the weather you will always find in my car a couple of pairs of comfy shoes which I will change into after a night out when my feet are throbbing or after a long day at work when I've been in heels or ballet pumps. These Havaianas are my newest addition to the comfy shoes brigade and these have been my first choice over my trainers- I think its purely because all the other flip flops I own are either tan or black and I'm drawn to purple like a magpie.
I'm going to apologise about the picture your about to see- if you have a weak stomach turn away, however I promise this will be the first and last time you see my feet on the blog.
See happy comfy feet- I got these in a size 8 and they're slightly too big for my feet, so I would recommend going a size down. Price wise these are just under £20, which to some may seem expensive however look how much flip flops are on the high street- plus with these they will last and you can wear them both in this country and on holiday. On a side note I'm wearing Rimmel Peppermint nail polish on my toes which I reviewed here, and the leggings are my new American Apparel shine leggings- expect to see an outfit post shortly with them on (its my version of wearing disco pant esq trousers in the daytime).