Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Spray* via Hair Trade.

Its very rarely I get sent a product to review which I have to literally post about straight away- however today is that day. I've always been interested in Macadamia Oil products since reading about them on Laura's blog, and I managed to recieve a sample of their Healing Oil Treatment from a beauty box last year and since using that on my hair, it hasn't half reaped the benefits. However at times I feel like its far too heavy to use on a regular basis. However in comes the Healing Oil Spray which I have used after every hairwash since recieving it.

Obviously I'm not going to bore you with how Macadamia oil treats you hair, but if you are looking for a similiar product which doesn't weigh your hair down I would highly recommend the Healing Oil Spray. After towel drying my hair I spray this throughout my hair, avoiding the roots, comb through using my tangle teezer and then apply some of the Tresemme Split End Remedy to the ends of my hair and then dry as normal. I also apply this to my hair if I'm letting it dry naturally.

Normally if I only half blow dry my hair and let it dry naturally my hair always goes very wavy and frizzy- this also happens if I use the normal Healing Oil Treatment (minus the frizz). However what is very odd, and I'm not complaining is that my hair dries pretty much straight with some volume in it. The Healing Oil Spray doesn't weigh my hair down, nor makes it look greasy and lifeless- it does the opposite it makes it look really shiny and healthy. When I was with Tor on Wednesday in Nandos she pulled a bottle of this out of her bag and was saying how I need to get a bottle- obviously great minds think alike.

The product costs £9.79 for 60ml on the Hair Trade website which is excellent value for money- also as its a spray it will last longer as you can control how much product you use and reduce wastage. This is definately a HG hair product for me and I will repurchase this (if it ever runs out).