White Pocket Shift Dress- Topshop (link), Bracelets- Random including this, Shoes- New Look (link), Bag- Chanel

Hello, who is she, do you remember me, its me Ray.

Apologies for the last few days I've had the last weeks posts all written up in advance- things have been manic lately obviously you are aware of the #LeedsBloggerMeetUp on Saturday which I will be posting about later on in the week- honestly myself and Tor can't thank each and every one of you who attended the event, supported it and the fab PR companies we worked alongside with. THANK YOU.

If you remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that I had a new job, well that job has finally begun on Monday, I'm split between two teams and things are manic, however so far so good. Anyway the outfit above is what I wore for a night out the other week with Kayleigh (you see her outfit of the day post shortly) on what was quite frankly one of the hottest nights out ever. You may recall seeing this dress in another outfit post but in blue (post here), however I had to also get it in white- there's something about this dress which I am obsessed with. Its just super flattering and I think the orange suede shoes adds that extra dimention to it.

A word of warning with the dress, if you own any other colour in this dress if you want to purchase the white you will need to go up a size, for some reason the white sizes are more like a size smaller than they actually are. Actually come to mention it I had to pack the front of the heels with loo roll as they were slightly too big when walking about town. I'll let you into a little secret about the heels, you may recall Topshop having an almost identical pair in last year for £65, mine were only £30 from New Look (UPDATED- these are now £15 in the sale). I think I'll be wearing these with the disco pants next time I'm out. Oh the nail polish is a new favourite- Rimmel Peppermint (review coming soon).

The only downside of the dress is that you need to avoid people- hence a very sober night- no drinks getting split down my dress (or falling over).