Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Polish Peppermint- £4.59 (Boots).
As I'm still working my way through the OPI Nail Envy programme in an attempt to sort my nails out so colour on my nails at the moment is very few and far between. However the other week when I was out I decided to wear this bright peppermint green colour on my nails (outfit post here). I've had this colour in my collection for a good three months and bought it after spying it on Tor's nails when we went to Leeds for the Benefit Event. If I'm honest with you Rimmel is a brand I always overlook while make up shopping- I used to swear by it when I was younger but I can't tell you the last piece of make up I bought from there.
If all Rimmel products are similiar in quality to this nail polish I definately need to try more items from the brand. One coat is all what you need for completely opaque nails, however on the pictures above I'm wearing two coats- I think it is force of habit. You may notice some slight tip wear on the above photos however I painted my nails on Saturday morning and these photos were taken on the Sunday afternoon (post night out). I normally wear a top coat with this polish however on the photos above its purely the polish. Personally I can't comment on how long this colour lasts on my nails as I always remove my polish on the Sunday to restart the Nail Envy programme.
I also included a picture of the brush to show how easy application is (yes its the same as the Essie diffusion line)- I don't know whether this is purely due to the fact I have large nail beds however the brush gets a huge two thumbs up from me. The polish itself costs £4.59 which I think for the colour and application is very reasonable. Personally I don't think I'll be trying any of the other colours in the range out as they don't appeal to me, however I definately want to try some of their make up. Any recommendations of what Rimmel products you use- leave me a comment below.