Carvela is a brand of shoes which I have always admired but from afar. As you know I struggle with my man feet/flippers and brands such as Carvela and Kurt Geiger are purely no go areas for me- although my feet are shrinking in my old age and the majority of places I can get into a size 8. To get my Carvela shoe fix I need to look no further than Judith, or JEM as she's known to you. Honestly all the shoes she owns from Carvela are simply stunning- she never ever buys shoes which are "out there" all her shoes are simple court shoes in the most amazing colours- I'm after her blue suede shoes which she got for Christmas which are still to get their outing.

As soon as I saw these shoes I instantly knew they would be shoes that J would happily wear, and as soon as I sent her the link to say I've seen these shoes for her, she's already decided that she's getting these for our next night out. There's just something so timeless and elegant about these courts which you know is never ever going to go out of fashion, and when you are paying £120 for a pair of shoes, you want to know that you're getting your moneys worth. This is definately the case with these shoes.

What dictates the type of shoes you buy? Whats currently in fashion, or what will never go out of fashion?