I've never really been a trainer kinda girl until I fell in love with my Converse, its always been ballet pumps or heels for me. Nike Blazers seem to be the new trend and until recently I always thought these were a shoe for men, not for women. While I was in Nandos the other week with Holly I noticed that quite a lot of the girls were wearing them (dressed down) and they looked so cool and obviously guys with swag wear them.
I did a quick search and the amount of styles you can get considering they're literally only a trainer (I better not say that to the fashion conscious male or I may offend) is mind boggling. I know women are bad with shoes but I never knew men were as bad!!
Personally I'm thinking I should invest in either the Liberty x Nike Blazers or the grey and plum suede ones. Probably the reason why I'm drawn to these is that they're are the girliest ones I can find without being overtly girly. What are your thoughts on Blazers? How do/would you style them?