As a huge Kardashian Fan I was so excited to finally start seeing the promo images for their lastest venture into the beuaty industry after briefing seeing it mentioned on an episode of KUWTK. Like many of you I am completely and utterly obsessed with the Kardashian style especially that of Kourtney and Khloe and judging by the promo images we too can get a taster of the Kardashian look.
I think beauty wise the girls are as famous for their smokey eyes as well as their long lashes and it comes as no suprise that the first major release from the range is going to be a range of luxury eyelashes aptly titled "Lash Dash" ready for the holiday season, then additional products from the range will start to filter into the shops. There's no mention of how much these are going to cost apart from them being "purse friendly". As far as I'm aware the items are only being sold in America so hopefully the sites will be able to ship to the UK. Although as Dorothy Perkins will soon be stocking the Kardashian Kollection I'm hoping they may pick up some bits of the Khroma range to sell too.
Judging by the promo shots I definately want the lashes which Kourtneys is wearing as both her and Khloe's looks aren't too OTT unlike the promo image of Kim. Are you a fan of the Kardashian look?? Better promo images can be found on Kourtney's blog here.