*photo heavy*

Apologies for the delay in getting this post up, however just over 3 weeks ago (honestly can't believe how time flies) the day had finally come for the #LeedsBloggerMeetUp2012 which myself and Tor had arranged. You may remember last year we arranged a smaller meet up in Leeds and this year we set ourselves the challenge to go bigger and better and I think we've set the bar high for our next meet up.
Mook Bar in Leeds was the venue of choice and with their 2 for 1 cocktails we were definately onto a winner. The lovely Valarie from My Wild and Amy from Xen Tan came to do presentations and all in all it was a fabulous day meeting new bloggers and seeing friendly faces. If you search the hashtag #leedsbloggermeetup2012 on Twitter you will be able to see everyone's posts from the day. I'll post a seperate post later showing you the goody bags and thanking all of our sponsers as without them the day wouldn't have been half the success it was.
However as always when myself and Tor go anywhere there is always somesort of drama, the meet up didn't fail us- we had about 70 gift bags loaded in her car and on the way back the A19 was closed which resulted in a 2.5 hour detour back to Redcar via the hills have eyes country.
A massive thank you to the girls who attended (click their names for their blog links)- Laura, Sam, Jo, Sian, Hanne, Laura, Hollie, Jessica, Pheobe, Emma, Sarah, Danielle, Clare, Ellie, Caroline, Sinead, Sally, Dan, Laura, Rachel, Deanna, Caroline, Kendall, Kate, Emily, Fiona, and Mel
More pictures can be found on my Facebook Page.