Sheer Chiffon Shirt- American Apparel (link), Jeans- Primark, Chanel XL Jumbo Bag, Watch- Asos (old), Bracelets- Topshop (link) and this post (link), Shoes- Topshop (link)

Sometimes there's nothing more satisifying than throwing together a plain and simple outfit for a meal out with your favourite gay wife Nick. Normally I would never pair a black top with lighter colour jeans it would always be with dark indigo jeans. I can't believe how much wear I am getting from my American Apparel chiffon shirt, its definately worth the £51 price tag. Got a really manic two weeks so I've tried to schedule as many blog posts as possible, this week its Laura's birthday night out (need something to wear) and then the week after that its Manchester. So to make some extra money I've been ebaying my wardrobes- on a side note I bloody hate ebayers who buy something and then never bloody bother paying- arseholes.
Anyway this is me signing off from here for the week, the rest of the posts are all scheduled, although hopefully this week my new layout will be going live and then I will have the ability to reply to all of your comments as the function hasn't been working as of late. I know this will sound proper cheesy however thank you for taking the time to read my random shite and who comment :)