Vaseline Pink Bubbly- £3.49 Exclusive to Selfridges*

After being shocked at the amount of lip products I carry around in my work bag on a daily basis I'd decided to do a post dedicated to lip products, however on returning home from work, a parcel was waiting for me on my doorstep containing Vaseline's newest addition- Pink Bubbly. At the moment this product is exclusive to Selfridges before its rolled out to your normal outlets, however considering the name is Pink Bubbly I couldn't think of a more apt shop for it to be launched in than Selfridges.
I am going to be completely honest with you all here- I can't stand the sensation of Vaseline on my lips, and yes even though I carry a tin about in my bag, I never use it on my lips. Basically I use Vaseline on my cuticles and on dry skin, as well as around my nose when I have cold. However I'd decided to give this a go on my lips as so many of my friends and work collegues use it. First up is the scent- as the name of the product suggests it does have a faint champagne scent, which isn't over powering and once on the lips you can't tell. Personally I prefer the scent of this over the normal Vaseline, and secondly is the colour in the tin it looks very pink however as you can see from the swatch on my hand you can see a very slight rose tint. Once on the lips its a case of your lips but better.
By applying a very thin layer of this on my lips, the rose hue is still visable, yet for me I can happily go about my daily bits and bobs with this on my lips without feeling that my lips are covered in product. Another advantage of this is that a thin layer on my lips as a base allows certain drying lipsticks from a certain high street brand (coughBarryMcough) to glide on evenly and prevents it from going patchy/being attracted to dry patches. If you don't like wearing lip products on nights out (or loose them) this would be an ideal product to pop in your bag to add a bit of colour to your lips.

Currently this product is exclusive to Selfridges however you can buy this online.