Scrub Up Facial Exfoliator (£15.80)* - Angela Langford
I do love a good exfoliator- the gritter the better and Angela Langford's Scrub Up Facial Exfoliator fits the bill perfectly. I'll be honest Angela Langford is a brand I've never been aware of until she kindly sponsered the #LeedsBloggerMeetUp2012 and since then I've noticed her brand is getting more and more recognition.
"Scrub Up is ideal for skin that nis clogged, dull and frankly in need of a wake-up call. Dead, dull cells are gently lifted away and your skin is left cleaner, brighter and radiant".
The first thing which hits you about the product is the scent- if you use this first thing on a morning it will definately wake you up, as the fruity citrus/lemon scent is quite overpowering (personally I think this is a good thing). I normally use this about twice a week and it does a really good job of removing fake tan and making my skin feel extra clean. Its also fab to use on the back of your hands to remove tan from your knuckles (cheeky tip for you). As all the products in Angela's range is completely organic and free from any nasties, anyone can use their products on their skin even those with sensitive skin.
I've also been trying some other items from the range- inclduing a fabulous eye cream so keep your eyes peeled for these reviews coming soon. Its worth noting that if you are thinking about trying any of the products from Angela Langford you can request a free sample pack and only pay for the postage- this is a fab way to get a feel for the range without having to pay full price for a product which may not work for you.