Pink Jumper £12 (still avaliable), Loser Tee £20 (still avaliable), Sequin Tie Dye Shorts £20 (sold out), Sequinned Muscle Back Vest £30 or £35 (sold out)- all Topshop.

So Monday morning started like any other, until a cheeky iMessage from Jenna my sister from a Scottish mister came through saying that the Topshop sale had begun. SERIOULSY HOW COULD I NOT HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS. Yes I bloody love a good Topshop sale and it looks like I got in just in time. I ordered these on Monday and they've come today (Thursday) and I still haven't gotten around to opening the parcel (I've just gotten in from work and I'm shattered).
Anyway I always find the Topshop sale as the best excuse to spend money and if in advance you know what you want you can find some fab bargains. The items above is what I've ordered and if like me you're never away from Topshop you know what looks fab in person instead of being disappointed when the "perfect" dress looks horrid in the flesh. The jumper and tee were impulse buys however I'd been eyeing the embellished vest up in store a few weeks ago as a potential outfit with my disco pants/jeans and a blazer combo. As for the shorts I'd initally bought these for Manchester however I'll be straight with you my arse cheeks were hanging out- not a good look. I've gone up a size in these to see if they'll hang (the shorts not my bum cheeks) any better.

Knowing my luck I'll end up keeping them all.
Roll on 4.30pm and roll on my week of R+R at home can't wait
Update- Topshop didn't send the sequin shorts, and the vest was missing half their sequins. Keeping the jumper and tee though.