I think this has been one of the reviews on the blog which I have promised for so long, but finally gotten around to writing this post up. I know the packaging in my pictures is the old Botanics labelling, and I’m hoping Boots are still doing this shampoo as I’d definitely be lost without it. I’m sure the reason I came across this was due to me asking on Twitter and straightaway Hollie was there recommending this.

A word of warning when you’re using this- especially the conditioner it does look like someone has been murdered in your bathroom. It’s a bit hard explaining how I keep my red hair red when it comes to my shampoo routine – basically for the first three weeks I will only use this for my washes and then for the last 2-3 (depending on whether I can get booked in 5-6 weeks later) I will use my Paul Mitchell Colour Protect shampoo/conditioner* (review here).

Personally I find that I go through bottles of this like there’s no tomorrow, and my hair always looks shiny after washing. I’ve found that since using this, my hair does retain its colour much longer, however I think this is more to do with the conditioner as the consistency of it reminds me of hair dye. I haven’t found a more better red shampoo on the market as yet- do you recommend any shampoos/conditioners especially for Red hair??

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