Waterfall Leggings - £9.99 H+M (link)
Ever since I saw these in H+M while shopping in Manchester I've been debating whether or not to buy them. To some they may be garish and a bit too much in your face however for some reason I'm really drawn to them. Since deciding to write this post I have bought them and ironically as I'm writing this post I am debating whether to wear these to an event in Newcastle I'm going to tonight with a simple black shirt over the top. I've bought the blue version as for some reason the purple version (pictured) isn't as nice in the flesh.
What I am suprised about is the quality of the product considering they're only £9.99. I thought the leggings would be made of out flimsy material and be see through- they're actually a really good fit and aren't see through at all. Believe it or not H+M leggings are on the generous side as I got a 10-12 and they're big on the waist. I'm going to be brave and wear them tonight however don't be expecting to posting an outfit of the day post as I'm not that brave... or I may just bite the bullet.
Printed leggings - yes or no?