So the day has finally arrived- the parentals are going away on holiday so "Operation Duty Free" is currently in action. As I'm not going away this year, I've been patiently saving my money which I have been making from selling my wardrobes on ebay for a cheeky duty free haul. The parents have got my duty free list which goes to the far end of a fart (I may Instagram a picture of it), they'll be getting dropped off early at Newcastle airport for optimum duty free shopping time, then I have to whizz through to the Metro Centre then wait for the phone call as even though a list, knowing what the items look like this won't be enough for the mother to no doubt cock something up, I have to talk her through the duty free list (again) and the items to make sure everything has been bought correctly.

Mission and a half or what.

While doing this I've decided to be really good and literally just focus on the items which I really want/need and then use the rest of the money which would have been spent on my car tax. Seriously I live such a rock and roll life its untrue (or is it a sign of getting older). Ideally what I really want is the bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair- a 100ml bottle in duty free is approx £68 which considering a 50ml bottle is in the £50 range, I personally think this is excellent value for money and this is the main item which I want. I know sometimes you can get sets of this and eye creams, however until I get the call I'll make my mind up about what I want. Then the only thing I want is another bottle of Versace Crystal Noir my all time HG perfume either 50ml or 90ml depending on what is better value.
I'm hoping maybe a cheeky Chanel lippy may be bought as a present (I'm hinting) however I'd quite happily have a huge bar of Milka chocolate instead. As for the other items on my wishlist... I can just dream of them instead...

7.30pm Update - we have the Estee Lauder and the Versace brrraaaapppp. Oh and The Estee Lauder has now gone up to £74 for 100ml.