I&K Straight Hair Extensions 18" in 99J Burgandy £59.99* from HairTrade.com

Hairtrade.com is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions, hair care and beauty products. On nights out you will NEVER ever see me without hair extensions in my hair and depending on how I style my hair I wear one of two sets of hair extensions (both different thicknesses). This month I'd chosen the I&K Clip in Straight Hair Extensions 18" in the shade 99J (burgandy) to review.
First up the colour- obviously as you can tell it doesn't match my hair colour- its far too purple based. As the extensions are made from real human hair you can treat them exactly how you would your own hair (this includes products you use on them), however if you like to backcomb only backcomb the extensions very gently. I always get my hair extensions dyed every 3-4 washes to keep the colour fresh and as a close match to my hair as possible. Personally I find by buying extensions which are either mahogany or burgandy they are far easier to dye red than browns/blondes, as you can see from the picture below they're an exact match for my hair.
The extensions themselves come with clips attached and have a silicone band on each clip to keep the wefts in place. The clips themselves are securely attached to the wefts of hair but I always sew the end clips on as a precaution (I do this with all extensions) as I find they normally come away after a few wears. Its also worth noting that these hair extensions are actually 2" longer this is incase you want your extensions cutting in. Normally I don't bother getting mine cut in as my natural hair length is about 1-2" shorter than the extensions- I wear mine purely for added volume, so the extensions blend in well.
I class these as my "light" extensions as they weigh 120g and look more natural when I want to wear my hair straight or with a very slight loose curl. It has been known for me to wear these with big curly hair, although I prefer these when my hair is straight. A word of warning- always use heat protector on your extensions before using hot tools on it, and use a oil on the hair before dying (I use my Macadamia spray- review here) as this keeps your extensions smooth and in excellent condition. There's a some guidance instructions on the back of the packet and HairTrade include a care leaflet in your pack.
Yes I am posing with a bottle of Blue shite- however the point of the picture shows what my hair is like straight with them in and how they look dyed.
If you want me to do a post on how I look after my extensions and what products do I use on them let me know in the comments.