Even though I don't play the lottery I'm always sat at work wishing how I could win the lottery (spot the obvious fail) and talking about what I would spend my winnings on. Normally when I do wishlist posts I always focus on things I could go out and buy straight away however if I did win the lottery the first thing I would be doing is getting in my car and head straight to Cruise in Newcastle (there's also one in Glasgow, Belfast, Edinbrough, Derby).
Cruise was a shop I used to visit back when I first started University many years ago and back then there was the big named brands, but not the high end designers such as Lanvin. The other week while I was in Newcastle I walked past Cruise and made a mental note to have a browse on the website when I got home. Major error on my part there. I have always been under the impression that if I want high end designer items I would at least have to travel to Leeds to go to Harvey Nics. Oh not any more, Cruise stocks all the big brands from Vivienne Westwood to Victoria Beckham to Missoni and maybe throw a bit of CHANEL in there too. You can see already what is going to happen can't you.
Anyway I though I would do a wishlist post of items of clothing which I think (bar the Wildfox tee) which will never go out of fashion- investment pieces if you want. I'm desperate to own a pair of YSL tributes and everytime I'm out and about in Selfridges or Harvey Nics you will see me admiring these beauties. As for the Balenciaga- I think its going to be wise that if I go to Newcastle the bank cards should be left at home as I can just see myself buying this large yellow City Bag (they also do it in blue).
Cruise, you're definately going to bankrupt me- I think I need to buy a lottery ticket.