JolieBox* - £10 (plus P+P)

So its that time of the month again.. JolieBox's theme this month is "Pure and Natural" and is focusing on being your beauty survival kit with the change in weather. I'm currently sat writing this post in fluffy pjs, slipper socks, a hot water bottle on my feet and I'm pratically wrapped in a blanket as its freezing and miserable here in the North East.
Ritessens Exfoliant - I'm really not a fan of the scent of this, its really over powering and very herbal. However I have used this on my legs/feet to get rid of pesky fake tan patches and I have to say its very gritty (this is what I look for in an exfoliator) and did a good job of removing tan. However I wouldn't be using this on my arms/face as I don't want to have to smell this. I really don't like herbal smelling products- however this is a personal preference and many of yous may like this. I will use this up though as it did do a good job. (full size)
Jason Bee Healther Lip Balm - one of two star products in this month's box for me. Ironically my beloved medicated Chapstick ran out at work last Friday and this was waiting for me when I got in. The lip balm isn't really scented and does a fab job at keeping my lips mositurised. I will definately repurchase this balm once its used up. (full size)
Lov Organic (herbal tea) - this smells lovely and fruity in the box, however it leaves a not very nice after taste in your mouth once swollowed. I've only tried the one tea bag and the rest I'm afraid have been binned.
Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser - the other star product for me. You may recall this being free with Glamour magazine the other month- I've already tried and is a fan of the eye cream and was really excited to see this in my box this month. I haven't had chance to try this yet as I'm still finishing off my current face cream, however I'll do a mini review once tried.
MOA The Green Balm - seen an an intense multi-purpose balm, I've been using this on my cuticles over the past few days as they're the first to suffer when the weather becomes colder. I'm yet to see a dramatic difference in my cuticles however I've only been using it since Friday until today (Tuesday). However its a handy little pot to carry around in your bag.
I'm on the fence this month - the Jason Bee Lip Balm and the Balance Me Moisturiser are the two stand out products for me, yet I don't think I would pay the £10 for it, but then you are getting a full size Exfoliant in too which does bump the value up.
JolieBox is a monthly beauty subscription box - more details can be found here.