Charm Lipstick - Lush £14.50 (online and in stores)
Its only taken how many years but eventually Lush have released their own make up range entitled "Emotional Brilliance". To be honest the Lush saleswoman was trying to tell me all about the range, however I was in that much of a rush I literally just grabbed this and didn't bother having a look at the rest of the range.
Charm is a baby pink lipstick which on my lips looks a bit OTT however the real reason I bought this was for it to be a blush. Personally this reminds me of Mac Angel lipstick just a bit more pinker and blended out on the cheeks gives a fab your cheeks but better effect. To be honest with you I find that this works better (basically you can see it) on my natural untanned skin which is NW20 in Mac rather than tanned, however I do still use it on nights out. Normally during the day this lasts a good 5 hours without the need to reapply.
However there is two major downfalls I think with this product - first up is the price £14.50 which I think for Lush is very over priced, however you do get a lot of product so technically for value for money it does go far. Second up is the scent of the product - sorry but its bloody rank. Luckily when its on the cheeks the scent fades pretty much straightaway, but on the lips its horrible and all what I can do is taste/smell it. Note to Lush in future please make your make up products with yummy scents like your bath products.
Have you tried anything from the Emotional Brilliance range??
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