As I'm not going abroad this year I've been saving all the money I've been making from ebay for two things- duty free haul when the parents go on holiday in a few weeks and for a weekend in Manchetser with some of my favourite blogging ladies (Ellie, Sinead, Carla, Steph and Stacey). Before going ever so sensible me had a plan- no buying Chanel in Selfridges and only buying what I needed nothing else.

Did this go to plan?? Well kinda. So I thought I would do a bit of a haul for you.

Primark Blue Tweed Jacket with Leather Trim (£10 yes no typo) and H+M Tweed Jacket (Lana Del Ray £19.99)- Initally the plan was just to get the H+M jacket  which for less than £20 is an absolute steal to wear with jeans/vests, however when we were in Primark I spotted a rail full of these jackets reduced to £10 from £25 and I had to pick one up.

Zara Tote (£39.99) - yes the bag which every man and his dog has. I was totally in love with this until I saw an old woman YES AN OLD WOMAN carrying this in the Metro Centre. OLD!!! As in her 60s OLD!!! I am in shock by this, although I suppose its a clue to what I'll be looking like at that age...

Leopard Print Belt (£3) Primark- both me and Ellie are matchy with this belt. Its furry and its leopard print, what more is there to love. I've bought this as a waist belt in a S/M and I'm going to have to put some extra holes in it. I love Primark belts for nights out- they're cheap and excellent quality.

Mac Vegas Volt and Ravishing Lipsticks (Selfridges)- I was supposed to be buying a back up of Shy Girl and wanted to try Pretty Pink and somehow I ended up with two bright colours instead. If you've seen the pictures on Instagram (@RayWhoisShe) you will have seen that I brave (coming from a nude girl- mind out of the gutter) and wore Ravishing, I chickened out of Vegas Volt but I am going to start wearing a bolder lip on nights out.

Now onto writing up the duty free list...

PS - Metro Centre Primark have some of these jackets left on a rail near the jeans if anyone is wanting one.