Bit of a different picture format for monthly favourites posts- instead of bombarding you with pictures they're all going into the one picture (this may also be because I'm lazy). I've been using quite a few new products this month and rediscovering an old favourite. On a side note I know my posts have been here there and everywhere at the moment and I've been relying on draft posts- you'll be able to spot why in an upcoming product review (possibly this week). Onto my favourites- note 3 of the products I recieved at #LeedsBloggerMeetUp2012.
Lauren's Way Self Tanning Mousse (Darker than Dark)* - I've been reaching for this for all my nights out over the last month and its becoming a HG tan for me. I'll do a proper review of this shortly however I've never used a tan which dries in less than 5 minutes and lasts a week without it going patchy etc.
Batiste Mini Fresh* - Before the meet up Tor was telling me how she always keep a can in her bag on a night out for volume in her hair as the night goes on. I've taken this out with me and I can't believe the effect it has on your hair- I love batiste anyway and always use it, however I won't be going on a night out in future without this in my bag.
Skinlite Nose Pore Cleansing Strips- I picked these up in Home Bargains on a whim and they do a brilliant job of cleaning out my horrid pores on my nose. The downside is it kills when you peel it off your nose (think ripping a plaster off).
Treacle Moon Mango Body Butter* - it doesn't beat my Hawaiian Tropic Body Butter however its a close second to being my HG moisturizer. Personally I'm obsessed with Mango flavoured products and this does a fab job of locking in my fake tan and keeping my skin hydrated. Will be doing a review on this in the near future.
Collection (2000) Lasting Perfection Concealer - a bit of a cult product in the blogging community. Can totally see why. Will be repurchasing this over my Mac Select Moisture Cover concealer. For less than a fiver you can't be robbed.
Essie Cute as a Button - LOVE. End of.
Benefit Brow-zings (light/medium)* - I bloody love a scouse brow. Best product ever for nights out- your brows don't budge. Review here.  
You can tell its nearly Winter/Christmas the Boots Xmas catalogue is out- brrraaaaappppp