Considering I have another two of these posts in drafts I feel like I'm finally making a dent in my beauty products. Well I would feel like that if I hadn't actually been buying more products!! I've decided a spending ban is now in order until Christmas (this excludes essentials and whenever Boots put the Soap and Glory gift of the week on). Anyway what have I been using up lately..

Batiste Brit and Blush - both scents of dry shampoo I really enjoy using. Normally I use the Brit for volume in my hair for nights out and then the Blush for day to day. I've reviewed Brit here. I've already repurchased Brit and instead of Blush I've decided to try Lace instead.
Sure Deodrant - it was on offer in Tesco, it does the job. Not fussed about repurchasing to be honest.
Body Therapy Spa Bubble Bath - I found this hidden at the back of my wardrobe. Its nothing on Lush products but all in all a good bubble bath. I doubt I'll repurchase.

Lush Yuzu and Coco Bubbleroon Bars (x2)- or Homer's arse crack (see review here). I really love these bubble bars and would definately repurchase, however as Lush have released their Christmas Bars, sorry but Candy Mountain is my number 1 choice.
Versace Crystal Noir - My all time favourite perfume. If you have not smelt this you need to pronto. Its the best perfume ever and of course I'll repurchase. Review here.
Large Cotton Wool Pads - I seem to get through a packet of these a month. Great for removing eye makeup after a night out when you're a bit worse for wear. Only 79p in Home Bargains- will definately be repurchasing.

Topshop Head Over Heels Cream Blush - what a beaut of a blush. Completely in love with the product- compliments my pale and tanned skin so fabulously. I'm already using my back up of this and I will no doubt be buying another. Review here.
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara - YES IT HAS FINALLY DIED ON ME!! Really love this mascara however I'm glad to see the back of it. I won't be repurchasing for the immediate future.
I wonder if I should start doing a running total of how many products I've used up...