Who doesn't love a good snoop around in someone's handbag... by that I mean reading these types of posts not literally going through someone's bag!! You'll see this handbag feature on an upcoming outfit post, however I thought I would do a new updated whats in my going out bag post.
First up is the bag itself, I finally caved and bought the American Apparel Medium Clutch (link) in stone - a quick word of warning the colours online is nothing like the colour you get in person, its always a good idea to google the colour you want. The bag is such a fab size on top of the items you see above I also had a pair of shoes (well rollasoles) hidden in here for Michelle.
Next up is my Vivienne Westwood purse, which initally I was supposed to be keeping for best, however its so handy for nights out, the compartments allow me to hide money and give the false impression I've spent up until the next morning when I find a sneaky £20 hidden. I'd be lost on a night out without my iphone- always comes in handy for photos/pointless facebook statuses/messaging random guys and then there's Polos - bad breath is a no-no, you never know one of these days I may actually meet a decent guy (more chance of Hell freezing over).
Bastiste Fresh* is a new addition to my going out bag thanks to Tor - I normally use this to keep sweaty hair at bay and to give it an extra bit of volume. I always need a mascara with me (force of habit) and as I'm on a mission to use as many mascara's up as possible this is the one I'm focusing my attention on. I know I used to rave about this, however  I find it too wet and hard to work with. The same can be said about this Mac powder I'm trying to use up- gets rid of the dreaded shine, plus there's a mirror inside for on the go make up checks.
I did a review yesterday on Lush's Charm (link) and this is what blush I was wearing that night, nothing much to write home about, however it did the job. Travello* which I think has Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb in (trying to get rid of my 1000 bottle of the stuff), and its a fab idea to stop you risking breaking bottles of perfumes. Finally a lipstick - lippy of choice is Topshop Whimsical (review coming soon) and its just so lush on your lips. It complimented my make up well and I think the packaging is so cute.

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