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22 November 2012

Blazin' Squad

You will have seen a photo of these Nike blazers on my Instagram the other week. As of late I've been living in them - hands down these have to be the most comfortable pair of shoes I own and the most vinatge looking ones too. If you're a regular reader of the blog you will know that I've posted loads about different pairs of high top trainers which I have wanted to buy, yet never gotten around to buying. I'm so glad I've finally bought them - next I think I want some grey suede ones.


  1. These look great and I vote for grey suede too :-)


  2. These are lovely!! Where from? They kick the ass out of my blue seude ones which sadly I've sort of given up on trying to style into my wardrobe :( theyve only been worn with jeans/leggings to pop to the shop so far! xx

    1. I got mine from Spartoo - I'd be lost without mine, hated them at first now I love them xx


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