So I've finally cracked - things have gotten too much and I'm on the verge of exhaustion. A full time demanding job whilst working on another project at work (which I love), blogging full time and then throw a masters on top of that, oh and try to have a social life too has become too much. I've been ill now for just over two weeks and was threatened with the prospect of being admitted to hospital on Sunday/Monday due to a stupid severe throat infection. I've been prodded and poked and tested for glandular fever and it looks like I'm getting my tonsils out.
I'm now at the stage where I'm starting to move into assignment periods and the job I'm currently covering has been advertised today as a perminant post. Blogging was always a side hobby/dirty little secret for me - something fun to do, and to be honest its felt like a chore the last month and a bit. The last thing I want to be doing after a 9 hour day is going back on a laptop to write posts up, when I should/need to be using that time to chill/study. After all I need my HR qualification to move up in my organisation and I'm grateful for this opportunity work has given me.
Therefore for the immediate future until my presentation/first assignment is handed in/done, I'm taking a step back- there will be very few new blog posts from me until mid December. I've already got the majority of them in draft form so I will probably be dropping back to two or three posts a week if that. In this time I'm undecided as to whether I'll be replying to comments, but regardless I do still read and appreciate them all and I will catch up on replying to them. I will still be annoucing the winner of the Nars giveaway too (I haven't forgotten).
I'll still be on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (links are all in the side bar) and if you have urgent any queries/questions please email me and I will get back to you. As always thank you for reading and I'll be back soon xxx