Stylfile* - £4.49 (link)
Stylfile is the brainchild from Tom Pellereau, best known from BBC's "The Apprentice", and Tom was kind enough to provide one of these for each of the attendees at the #LeedsBloggerMeetUp2012. Obviously with this the first thing which catches your eye is the S shape, which makes this stand out from all other nail files on the market. In a nutshell the S shape follows the natural curve of your nail and makes shaping your nails so much easier.
I'll be honest the first few times you try filing your nails with this, it will feel weird, however bear with it as the results are amazing. I've noticed since using this I've had less breakages and my nails which normally split haven't been as bad. Also the smooth side of the file has been an absolute lifesaver in buffing off remains of my shellac without damaging my nail.
Are you a fan of the Stylfile?