I can't believe Christmas is literally just over a week away and I still haven't decided what I want from Santa (aka Papa Dave), however my dearest Stephy has already decided that she's wanting a new iPad. So for the last few weeks she's been asking me what apps she should be downloading, so I thought I would share with you what apps I can't live without on my iPhone.
Topshop and Zara apps- the first app I downloaded was Topshop and I normally visit these apps at least once a day. Definately a must for any shopaholic. Instagram - obviously the bloggers app of choice, I would have to say Instagram is my favourite app and I find it a brilliant way to interact with other blogs and giving you snippets into my daily life (follow me @RayWhoisShe). Yet again the same can be said for Twitter (I use Echofon), Steph is slowly getting into Twitter and I use it for blog posts and to chat to all of you (even though I've been awol lately)- follow me @RayWhoisShe.
For music I normally use Spotify, however recently I've downloaded Jango which is an online radio station - normally plays the same music over and over again however its free, then there's iTunes. Normally I use my iPod at the gym and have very little music on my phone- however Steph wants to transfer all her music over to iTunes. I also have a countdown for when I'm off abroad for Laura's Hen Do next year, so I have 259 days to get a bikini worthy body. Facebook - obviously has its uses for random status updates from nights out, I've got a Facebook page for the blog if you want to stay up to date with my posts ("like" WhoisSheblog). Finally the Mail Online - it has its uses when your bored when your out and about, who isn't obsessed with the showbiz pages??
You can buy the new iPad from the Carphone Warehouse - check out their offers for a bargain.