Refined Golden Bronzer - Mac (link)

Remember the whole saga I had with the Max Factor False Effect mascara- well say hello to the bronzer version of that. I've always been a fan of this bronzer- I'm currently on my second, yet since buying Chanel Bronze Universal and my trusty Vivo Baked Bronze, this hasn't had a look in. You will have seen me mention this on my monthly favourites post (link) and don't get me wrong I do like this product, it just won't go down.

Mac describe this as a finely spun golden bronze with shimmer- so obviously its no good to contour with, yet you can bathe in this and personally I get no colour payoff on my cheeks. Honestly I could bathe in the stuff and you've be none the wiser that I was wearing bronzer. Plus for some reason the product is just not going down - I'm after matte bronze instead (well I'm getting it off Judith for my birthday). I honestly don't know what is wrong with this bronzer as my previous one the colour pay off (even on natural skin) was brilliant. However I suppose it'll do for work. Personally I wouldn't recommend this bronzer - definately go for matte bronze instead.