Its been a while since I’ve actually sat down and wrote a post as everything else has been scheduled – I’ll probably be back properly the back end of next week or the week after. Anyway this is the view I woke up to yesterday morning – ironically I had already done yesterdays post about Uniqlo’s Heattech range ready for the colder weather.

Considering I bought these Hunter wellington boots two years ago and had only used once, I thought yesterday was the perfect excuse to dig these out for work as I didn’t want my work shoes getting soaked through. Ironically I was looking at the Hunter socks on Saturday to go in your wellies and was debating whether to buy a leopard print pair, then lo and behold the snow appears. If you are debating whether to buy a pair of Hunters I would definitely recommend them as I’ve gotten my value for money out of them (and they look good on). They’re also provide a talking point of your office as for some reason everyone was asking about mine yesterday (and trying them on).