So it may be questionable whether I have been well behaved this year or not.... however every year on Christmas Day I recieve the best gift of them all - Papa Dave's Credit Card to go shopping. Although word on the street is that he's bought himself a Rolex the swanky bugger (I will be pinching that). Anyway this year I'm not feeling that christmassy nor really want anything just for the sake of it.
However I have done some picks for you - I mentioned wanting Mac's Matte Bronze the other day and I know Judith has got me this for my birthday. I'm after the Topshop Faux Fur coat if it comes into the sales - I won't be wearing it out in public however for some reason I really want it. All Saint's Xray vest - yet again All Saints tees are a staple item in my wardrobe so no doubt the brother will have bought me a couple of these (unless he's gotten the hint and bought me a lush silk blouse from Zara). Kiehl's Eye Treatment - I've been meaning to buy this for ages and ages however as I've just about used each and every last sample of eye cream I've got, I'm hoping I get a tub of this.
For myself and Moho each year Ross Noble dvd's are a standard christmas present. Finally, I've saved the best til last - check out these McQ by Alexander McQueen shoes, what a pair of beauts!! I desperately need these court shoes in my life. Will someone buy me a pair please??