When it comes to promo images I always think Primark hit the nail on the head... however I have to admit I'm not really feeling these images at all. Dare I say it the items look, well quite frankly cheap. And yes I know the point of Primark is to produce mass cheap clothes however the only way I can describe these images (bar the jumper) is easily holiday gear - does the job for your holidays then they get thrown in the bin.
The only two items which I would definately recommend purchasing is the jumper (seen in store already) and the hoody (me and Steph both live in ours). However as 2013 is the year of Laura's hen week away I will be purchasing the "silk" trousers and tee as well as the aztec-esq shorts ready for the week of mayhem (even though its not until September), however the possibility of a cheeky trip to Ibiza on the cards.. it would be a crime not to purchase it all in advance??