I'm a woman on a mission trying to get through these products especially how Christmas is on its way. I really can't say trimming my stash cause I always lower the tone and replace stash with gash. Anyway onto what I've used up-
Sanex Deodrant - will buy time and time again. Stops you from stinking, especially on nights out.
Solat Rubber gloves - horrible, they don't fit on your hand properly - wouldn't recommend or repurchase.
Suddenly - Madame Glamour perfume - aka the Coco Mademoiselle dupe. I would definately repurchase this to use for work, however I have a couple of bottles of perfume I want to use up first. Review here.
Soap and Glory Handfood - this was my HG handcream and I currently have another 2 tubes to go through, however I've found a new favourite handcream which I will be sharing with you shortly on the blog. I would happily repurchase this though. Review here.
Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser - a third of the price of Liz Earle, smells like Hawaiian Tropic and it cleans your face. I would definately repurchase, however I have 4 bottles of cleanser to get through first. Review here.
Soap and Glory Scrub em and Leave em - a good body scrub, however if you've previously used S&G The Breakfast Scrub this in my eyes isn't as good. Personally I wouldn't repurchase it, but if I would happily use it if it was given as a present. Review here.
17 Falsifeye Mascara - I've enjoyed using this mascara, however it does need quite a few coats to build it up. Personally I woudn't repurchase and its definately not a mascara to wear on nights out as it doesn't give enough impact. Also its a bit too dry for my liking.
Superdrug Vitamin E Exfoliating Scrub - it does the job. Its a good gritty scrub which is always a winner in my books and like all the products in the range smells of Hawaiian Tropic. Now I have reviewed this but since the review has been wrote I feel like its been drying my skin out so I very much doubt I will be repurchasing it. Review here.
Are you a fan of any of these products?