You know when you see an item of clothing or an accessory and it provokes an instant reaction, or should that be memory. These shoes do that for me. If I said drenched in garlic sauce and cardigans been chucked in the road, all of you bar one person would know what I'm on about. Basically Mad Friday (aka the last Friday before xmas) is the night out of the year I'm always really excited about as its mine and Michelle's night out. The day normally involves me helping Michelle getting ready, dropping her off in town and then me meeting up with her later.
However one thing which doesn't go hand in hand is Michelle and heels - last year she had pratically similiar boots to these Arian ankle boots which she wore out and ended up getting one of her work mates to take home for her as she had some hidden flats in her bag. However this is typical of Michelle - always thinking one step ahead, and I wouldn't change her for the world. I'd definately buy these heels if only I could walk in wedges!!