Is it me or as soon as December 1st comes around the temperatures plumet into the minus figures. When it comes to nights out, I would say I can quite happily deal with wearing next to nothing and go out in minus temperatures, however the complete opposite can be said about during the day. I can't deal with the cold - I am layered up to the max for work and it has been known in the office I will sit with a hot water bottle on my knee to try and keep warm.
However Uniqlo have come to my rescue with their Heattech range - a range of products designed with a proprietary rayon-rich blend of fibres which naturally retain and lock in heat. As you can see from the picture above the range covers everything from thermal underwear, leggings, tops and even jeans. So you have no excuse for being cold.
I've had the chance to try out a pair of leggings and a top from the range and I have to say I'm really impressed with how soft the items of clothing are as well as how much they're keeping me warm. Obviously you will be aware I haven't been well recently and my temperature has been from one extreme to another and I've found that the long sleeved top really keeps me cool when I'm too hot, and then keeps me warm when I'm shivering.
Normally with "thermal" ranges from other brands the prices are really expensive for simple items of clothing, yet with the Heattech range everything (like all Uniqlo products) its purse friendly and won't break the bank. Also a quick tip if you are wanting to pick up any of the accessories from the Heattech range (anything £9.90) they're currently on two for £14.90 so you might as well stock up before the British Winter kicks in good and proper.